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Classroom Outreach Programs

Classroom Outreach Programs

Classroom Outreach Programs

Maybe you can’t make it to the Museum. Or maybe you want to extend your students’ learning with a pre- or post-field trip program. Either way, our Outreach Programs are a great way to bring the Museum’s resources directly into your classroom.

To book an Outreach Program, please contact Susan McCarthy at or at 941-746-4131 ext. 113.

Please note: Outreach Programs are available October through March only.
Outreaches must be paid in full two weeks prior to the date of the program.
Outreaches are subject to staff availability.  Outreaches at locations farther than 20 miles from the Museum will incur a travel fee.


Science Process Circus

Students will practice using scientific methods and tools as they explore hands-on activities in science.  They will observe, compare, make hypotheses, gather data and interpret findings as they move from station to station to hone their scientific skill-set.

Time Required: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for set up.
Cost: $75/presentation; Up to 3 presentation per visit

SC.1.N.1.1, SC.1.N.1.2, SC.1.N.1.3, SC.1.N.1.4, SC.2.N.1.1, SC.2.N.1.2, SC.2.N.1.3, SC.2.N.1.5,SC.3.N.1.1, SC.3.N.1.2, SC.3.N.1.3, SC.3.N.1.6,SC.3.N.3.1, SC.3.N.3.2, SC.4.N.1.1, SC.4.N.1.4, SC.4.N.1.5, SC.4.N.1.6, SC.4.N.1.7,SC.5.N.2.1, SC.K.N.1.1, SC.K.N.1.2, SC.K.N.1.3,SC.K.N.1.5


Mobile Museum – Life, Physics, and the Earth

Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science are not isolated studies – they all work together to make life possible.  Students will observe Museum artifacts and use science process to explore the ways in which these sciences help us understand how life on earth survives, thrives and changes.

Examples of concepts that may be touched upon:

  • Adaptations of teeth and bones for survival in herbivores, carnivores and omnivores of the past and present (Organization and Development of Living Things; Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms)
  • Use of resources and transfer of energy within ecosystems. (Earth structures and Earth Systems and Patterns)
  • The impact of humans on the environment (Earth Structures, Science and Society)
  • The impact of tools as a human adaptation (Forces and Changes in Motion)

Grades: 6-8
Time required: 30 minutes
Cost: $75/presentation; Up to 3 presentation per visit.

SC.6, E.6.2, SC.6.E.7.2, SC.6.E.7.2, SC.6.L.14.1, SC.6.L.14.3, SC.6.L.15.1, SC.6.E.7.4,SC.7.E.6.2, SC.7.E.6.4, SC.7.L.15.1, SC.7.L.15.3, SC.7.L.17.1, SC.&.L.17.3, SC.8.P.8.4, SC.8.N.2.2, SC.8.N.2.1, SC.8.N.1.6,SC.8.N.1.5

To book an Outreach Program, please contact Susan McCarthy at or at 941-746-4131 ext. 113.