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Science of Beer

Science of Beer

Learn science as you sip when Motorworks Brewing Microbiologist and Quality Assurance Analyst Susie Bennett tells us about the “Science of Beer.” With her background in microbiology, Bennett has developed a robust quality assurance program ensuring that every process at Motorworks — from fermentation to packaging — is up to snuff as she focuses on education, training and sensory evaluation to create and maintain exceptional products.

Bennett also helped to launch a “Women in Brewing” continuing education scholarship and is working to obtain her master’s degree in microbiology and cell science while participating in a NASA internship focused on research simulating microgravity.

  • When/Where: 6pm Feb. 24, in The Planetarium Lobby
  • Cost: $20 for members of the Discovery Society; $25 for all others; includes heavy appetizers from Cornerstone and Co.
  • Cash beer and wine bar
  • Must be 21 or older

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