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The stars are the “stars” during this live guided tour of the upcoming month’s skies — this month with a guest astronomer — who will talk about where our stars, planets and constellations are headed in our night skies. We’ll also share the most current events in the world of astronomy and open the floor for an always-fun question and answer session. Stelliferous is great for curious adults and inquisitive kids alike.

The February guest astronomer is Bradenton’s Alex Martin, a science-fiction author, a high school math and science teacher, and the creator of “Sidewalk Science Center” — where he shares free science experiments for people at local parks. Martin has held almost 350 Sidewalk Science Center sessions in 20 cities and has partnered with the Kennedy Space Center, the Planetary Society, Cosmic Perspective, and other organizations to bring science education and astronomy to the forefront of public visibility.

  • When: Wednesday, February 23, in The Planetarium
  • Cost: $5 for members of the Discovery Society; $8 for all others
  • Advance registration required.

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