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Join us on the fourth Wednesday of the month when the universe takes center stage during a live evening focused on the stars, night skies, latest news in the world of astronomy and more! Some Stelliferous programs include discussion of where our stars, planets and constellations are headed; others include topical astronomy lectures about ongoing research. Both types of programs offer plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

In April, we’re featuring Dr. Derek Buzasi, Eminent Scholar at Florida Gulf Coast University, where his research interests include almost anything having to do with stars. Dr. Buzasi has published more than 120 papers, and has also worked on a variety of major instrument teams, including Detector Scientist for the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, part of the Hubble Space Telescope’s most recent upgrade, and Principal Investigator for the Wide-Field Infrared Explorer satellite. He currently serves on the Science Team for NASA’s planet-finding Kepler mission.

  • When: 7pm Wednesday, April 27, in The Planetarium
  • Cost: $5 for members of the Discovery Society; $8 for all others

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