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Inside the Mosaic Backyard Universe

Inside the Mosaic Backyard Universe

Inside the Mosaic Backyard Universe

The Mosaic Backyard Universe is a safe place for kids to explore science and nature and enjoy a new experience each time they visit. Whether you’re young or young-at-heart, you can follow your own curiosity to create something new!

The Mighty Oak and Tree House Platform

This beautiful sculpted tree, made exclusively for The Bishop by NatureMaker Steel Art Trees, is a masterpiece of mimicry with each bit of bark and each individual leaf hand-crafted to mirror the live oaks found in Florida’s fields. Its soaring canopy 30 feet above the ground holds The Tree House-Platform, a play and learning space complete with binoculars and telescopes to view the scale model of the solar system hanging in the ‘sky.’ An ADA-lift ensures everyone can enjoy the view!

The Cardboard Rocket

Remember that refrigerator box you used to make your own rocketship when you were a kid? Our Cardboard Rocket takes that to the next level using immersive media that allows kids to take off on virtual adventures of their own, including viewing the microscopic world around us, different places on Earth and, of course, the outer reaches of the universe!

The Pond

Enjoy the freshwater Pond, home to living plants and turtles — a mini-environment all its own!

The Science Shed

The Science Shed lets kids take learning to the next step by using microscopes and other scientific tools of the trade to explore this fascinating and fun Backyard Universe. It’s also where you can check out Learning Expedition Kits, which are backpacks stocked with supplies and tools to help you explore your own interest in astronomy, biology, engineering, geology or paleontology.

And don’t miss our outdoor garden at the Mosaic Backyard Universe!