Please note: The manatee habitat is empty as we undergo renovations.

We expect to re-open the habitat and begin caring for manatees again later this Spring.

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Planetarium Show Descriptions

Planetarium Show Descriptions

Planetarium Show Times

The Planetarium features presentations that make the most of our new, state-of-the-art Planetarium software and projection system.

Please sign up for your preferred show time when you arrive at the Museum.

NEW SHOW: “Shores of Jezero” showing Feb. 17-21 only!

  • “Shores of Jezero” is a limited-run show available in The Planetarium February 17-21 only. Created by The Bishop, “Shores of Jezero” explores Jezero Crater, the site where NASA’s Perseverance rover will land on Mars to search for signs of ancient life. You’ll visit the landing site and the areas inside the crater that Perseverance will investigate when it touches down on Mars on February 18. Will it find the remains of microbes that lived in the lake that was there more than 3 billion years ago? Only time will tell!

Show Times 

Wednesday – Saturday

10:30am and 12:30pm


12:30pm and 2:30pm

NEW SHOW: “Sea of Stars: Sail Through the Milky Way”

  • “Sea of Stars: Sail Through the Milky Way” takes you on a 10-minute journey to visit baby stars in a stellar nursery, see the nebulas left by dead stars, and explore the supermassive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. Prepare to be star struck!



11am and 2pm


1 and 3:30pm

“Flight Through Our Solar System”

  • “Flight Through Our Solar System” is a 10-minute narrated tour that begins at the sun then travels through our solar system — including the asteroid belt — past Pluto and the other outer planets, until we arrive at the icy outer reaches of the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, located on the outer fringe of our solar system.

Show Times

Wednesday – Saturday

12pm and 2:30pm


2pm and 4pm