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Planetarium Show Descriptions

Planetarium Show Descriptions

Planetarium Show Times & Descriptions

The Planetarium features presentations that make the most of our new, state-of-the-art Planetarium software and projection system. Please note that show times are subject to change without notice.

Show Times

11:15am — To Space and Back (25 minutes)

12:15pm — Passport to the Universe (20 minutes)

1:00pm — Firefall (30 minutes)

2:45pm — To Space and Back (25 minutes)

3:45pm — Passport to the Universe (20 minutes)

11:00am – Passport to the Universe (20 minutes) / KidSpace – LIVE! 1st Saturday of the month (20 minutes)

12:00pm — To Space and Back (25 minutes)

1:00pm — Sky Tours – LIVE! (40 minutes)

3:00pm — Firefall (30 minutes)

4:00pm — Passport to the Universe (20 minutes)

12:30pm — Passport to the Universe (20 minutes)

1:15pm — Sky Tours- LIVE! (40 minutes)

2:30pm — To Space and Back (25 minutes)

3:15pm – Firefall (30 minutes)

4:00pm — Passport to the Universe (20 minutes)

Show Descriptions

20 Minutes

Passport to the Universe

Passport to the Universe takes visitors on a journey through the observable universe to find our “cosmic address.” In an unforgettable experience, cutting-edge science creates images of unprecedented realism and accuracy as viewers begin to understand the true enormity of the cosmos.

Passport to the Universe was developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (amnh.org) in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Major support for new version provided by California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco. Narrated by Tom Hanks.

25 Minutes

To Space and Back

Space exploration, our greatest adventure, is having a big impact on our lives. “To Space & Back” is an extraordinary story of human ingenuity and incredible engineering, describing how the technology that transports us through space is paving the way for the devices and apps we use every day.

“To Space and Back” was produced by The Franklin Institute together with Sky-Scan and is narrated by Top Gear’s James May.

45 Minutes

LIVE! Sky Tours:
Winter Awakens

Now Showing through March 12, 2023.

Join us for a guided tour of the night sky in our state-of-the-art planetarium. As Earth moves around the sun, different objects come into view. We’ll not only discuss what you can see this season, we’ll fly you there!

35 Minutes


Throughout Earth’s history, impacts from comets and asteroids have mercilessly shaped its surface. Terrifying and majestic, these invaders from space are capable of utter destruction yet they have delivered life-giving water and most of the organic materials necessary for life.  This ceaseless Firefall is our only tangible connection to the universe beyond and is an ever-present reminder of our own humble beginnings in the hostile environment of space.

KidSpace at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

20 Minutes


Calling all curious kids! Join us in The Planetarium every month as we highlight a different astronomy topic. During KidSpace we unleash the awesome power of astronomy to help kids become scientific masters of the universe!

KidSpace is designed for grades 1-5 and their grown-ups, but everyone is welcome!