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IQuest is a monthly program for smart and curious middle school students in grades 6-8. While each IQuest is different, you can always expect challenging projects and games that inspire out-of-the-box solutions to real-world problems. IQuest takes place from 4-8 pm on the second Saturday of most months. 

IQuest details:

  • Cost: $5 – Kids Only! Paid reservations required
  • Refreshments: Admission includes a slice of pizza and a drink
  • Tickets: Paid reservations required; please purchase tickets online using the links below
  • IQuest FAQ

Programs and Online Tickets:

July 13: Going with the Flow — The Science of Water.

Why is water so special? How do its motions and properties influence the features of Earth and other planets? Join us and get to know your H2O!

Aug. 10: Tiny Jungles — The World of the Microscopic

What lurks beyond the range of our vision? Explore the world of the tiniest flora and fauna and find not just how and where they live, but why they are essential to life on Earth.

Sept. 14: Mythbusting — How Science Fiction Get Science Wrong — and Right

Check out some of the most famous science fiction stories, then delve deeper to distinguish myth from fact.