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Bishop Foster Friends

Bishop Foster Friends

Bradenton’s Lea Beukema grew up watching manatees on the Braden River. In this video, she tells us why she’s a manatee BFF!

It Costs $2,000 a Month to Feed a Manatee!

Bishop Foster FriendFlorida’s wild manatees are facing more challenges than ever — this year, we’ve lost more manatees than any other year in our state’s history. Manatees need our help, and your monthly support as a Bishop Foster Friend will make it possible!

The Bishop has been rehabilitating manatees since 1998 and was a founding member of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) in 2001. As one of only three Stage 2 rehabilitation facilities in Florida, we care for recovering manatees, freeing much-needed emergency space so that seriously ill and injured manatees can be treated in critical-care units elsewhere. Spending time in our Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat allows manatees time to finish the recovery process, grow and prepare for their return to the wild.

Your monthly gift of just $10 will help us feed and care for rehabilitating manatees until they are healthy enough to go home!