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Special Temporary Exhibitions

Special Temporary Exhibitions

Special Temporary Exhibitions

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature offers gallery spaces with a constantly changing lineup of temporary exhibitions, providing our visitors with something new to see and experience with each visit!

On the first floor, Gallery 1 features engaging traveling exhibitions as well as special exhibitions created by our own Museum curators. Past exhibitions have included: A New Moon RisesDinosaur DiscoveriesNational Geographic’s “50 Greatest Photographs,” The Mysteries of the Mayan Medallion, Clyde Butcher’s Cuba A Window to the World, and more!

First Floor

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks!

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks partners up some of the world’s most dazzling and innovative skyscrapers with the world’s most popular building brick. The exhibition features 20 astonishing skyscrapers from North America, Asia and Australia constructed in breathtaking architectural detail by Ryan McNaught, one of only twelve LEGO® certified professionals in the world.

Visitors will be inspired to create their own ‘towers of tomorrow’ with over 200,000 loose LEGO® bricks available in hands-on construction areas. Young and old will be limited only by their imagination as they add their creations to a steadily rising futuristic LEGO® metropolis inside the exhibition. “We are ecstatic to bring this fantastic exhibition to The Bishop. Everyone has a great LEGO® memory, and I know many more will be made here at the museum.” Ashley Waite, Director of Museum Experience.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks will be on display at The Bishop from November 22 through March 18.

The exhibition is generously sponsored by

Florida Power & Light and the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks is a traveling exhibition produced by
Sydney Living Museums and toured internationally by Flying Fish.

Second Floor

Illumination: Seeing Beyond the Shell

LAST DAY January 21, 2023!

A chambered nautilus, Nautilus pompilius. Image by Scott Odell

A shell can be many things: a mollusk’s protection against a predator, a piece of jewelry, a makeshift spoon—it can even be a calcium supplement or an alternative to limestone mining to help fight climate change! But what happens when you take a closer look?

With the opening of Illumination: Seeing Beyond the Shell, The Bishop continues the celebration of its 75th Anniversary Year of Light with the stunning photography of Scott Odell — who is not only a talented local photographer but also a member of the Museum’s staff!

This exhibition of macro photography literally takes a closer look at the shells in The Bishop’s permanent collection, showing what happens when you take an object and view it in a completely different way. “I just wanted to show people objects in a different light, and that anything can be viewed another way by just changing the light source, angles and color,” says Odell.

  • Visiting Illumination: Seeing Beyond the Shell is included in the price of admission.

Atlantic Hairy Triton, Monoplex pilearis.
Image by Scott Odell

Imperial Volute, Cymbiola imperialis.
Image by Scott Odell



SHE ENGINEERS is a bilingual (English and Spanish) poster exhibition highlighting eight women in various engineering fields. In their own words, the women share their passion and what inspired them to become engineers. If we support a woman in STEM, then she can change the world.

SHE ENGINEERS was created by The Works Museum with support from IF/THEN®. The exhibition is generously funded through ASTC Grants (Association of Science and Technology Centers).


She Engineers is included in the price of admission to the Museum.