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Special Temporary Exhibitions

Special Temporary Exhibitions

Special Temporary Exhibitions

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature offers gallery spaces with a constantly changing lineup of temporary exhibitions, providing our visitors with something new to see and experience with each visit!

East Gallery

On the first floor, the East Gallery features engaging traveling exhibitions as well as special exhibitions created by our own Museum curators. Past exhibitions have included: A New Moon RisesDinosaur DiscoveriesNational Geographic’s “50 Greatest Photographs,” The Mysteries of the Mayan Medallion, Clyde Butcher’s Cuba A Window to the World, and more!

September 23 — January 3, 2021

Water’s Extreme Journey

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is continuing its year-long celebration of Our Blue Planet with the its newest special exhibition: the Wyland-inspired Water’s Extreme Journey.

This special exhibition, which features sections in Spanish, is in the Museum’s East Gallery. It transforms visitors into raindrops and sends them through a maze depicted as our watershed — a journey that takes them through mountains, streams, wetlands and even their own backyards — all while trying to steer clear of pollution and ultimately reach a healthy ocean.

This a-mazing experience engages visitors through play, scientific inquiry, art and action, illuminating human impacts great and small while teaching how to contribute to healthy, safe water in their community and beyond.

Water’s Extreme Journey was developed by Minotaur Mazes in partnership with renowned artist Wyland, best known for the marine life murals he painted around the world between 1981 and 2008. “With a little luck, and a few attempts, visitors learn how to make cleaner choices and discover the rewards of a healthy ocean,” says Wyland.

The special exhibition will remain open through January 3, 2021. Visiting is included in the price of admission.

Rincon Gallery

On the second floor of The Bishop, behind the Riverine and Pine Uplands Galleries, the Rincon Gallery features small exhibitions dedicated to adding more to our visitors’ understanding of Florida and the world around us. Past exhibitions have included: A Walk in the Park: Exploring Manatee’s Preserves Photography by Grant Jefferies, On the Rivers of Florida: Lynne Buchanan’s Photographic Meditations, Changing Waters: The Human Impact on Florida’s Aquatic Systems, and more!

There are currently no special exhibitions in Rincon Gallery.