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Second Floor

Second Floor

Second Floor

Permanent Exhibitions:

The Visible Storage Gallery

In 1947, founder and patron Dr. William B. Sugg envisioned the Museum to have a collection that was broad based and eclectic and included something for everyone. The Visible Storage Gallery  is where selected objects are exhibited that otherwise would be “behind the scenes” in closed storage. Portions of The Bishop’s extensive collection are rotated for viewing. Come back time and again to see something new!

River Heritage Hall

In the River Heritage Hall you will explore the rich, cultural history surrounding the Manatee River and Tampa Bay. Examine the economics, government, culture, and geography of the community focused on the life and commerce on the Manatee River. Experience a trip though time as you learn about the pioneers and scientific expeditions to industrialization and tourism in Bradenton.

Environmental Hall

Exhibits in the Environmental Hall are designed to educate all visitors about Florida’s environment incorporating the past, present, and future. The message of the exhibits — Riverine, Pine Uplands, Estuary and Gulf Waters — focuses on environmental awareness of our regions unique biodiversity.

Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat

Beyond the Riverine and the Pine Uplands, learn interesting facts about some of our local marine life and get an above view of the manatees in the Parker Rehabilitation Habitat.