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Join the Discovery Society

Join the Discovery Society


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As a supporter of The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, you are a member of our Discovery Society.

The Discovery Society is a community of supporters who are dedicated to understanding the world around us, exploring Florida’s natural history and helping manatees in need. They also enjoy the Museum and genuinely value our role as an educational and cultural resource and asset to our community’s quality of life.

If you would like to support The Bishop’s mission and be a part of the Discovery Society, you have the option of receiving benefits that can affect the tax deductible level of your gift. Please choose among the Adventurer, Innovator, Pathfinder, Voyager or Circle Levels to receive the benefits outlined below.

Or, if you would prefer to make a gift and NOT receive benefits, please click here to make a fully tax-deductible donation now.


*Up to allowed number of total admissions per visit

**Based on level





All benefits listed above plus:
  • One free admission per visit
  • 50% off one accompanying guest


$100-$149 ($23.95 fair market value)

All Adventurer level benefits plus:
  • Two cards with both heads of household listed on each card
  • Two free admissions per visit
  • 50% off two additional guests
  • One Complimentary Guest Pass to share
  • 10% discount in the Museum Store
  • Early registration & reduced pricing for science camps


$150-$249 ($47.90 fair market value)

All Innovator level benefits plus:


$250-$499 ($107.80 fair market value)

All Pathfinder level benefits plus:
  • Two additional admissions (6 total free admissions per visit)
  • Additional Named Cardholder (perfect for students, caretakers & grandparents)
  • Two Additional Complimentary Guest Passes to share (4 total)
  • Annual recognition in Museum’s donor newsletter
  • Invitation to the Museum’s Annual Founders, Patrons and Supporters Event
  • Smithsonian Affiliate Membership, including subscription to Smithsonian Magazine


Join one of the circle levels of support and provide discoverers of all ages a place to explore our precious planet Earth and our Universe.



$500-$999 ($107.80 fair market value)

All Voyager level benefits plus:
  • Invitations to complimentary teas/lunches with senior Museum staff
  • Recognition on digital signage in the Museum
  • Parker Circle Concierge Service for complimentary admission to Museum programs and events


$1,000-$2,499 ($107.80 fair market value)

All Explorer level benefits plus:
  • Behind the Scenes Tours scheduled through the Parker Circle Concierge Service
  • 10% Discount on facility rental of Executive Boardroom


$2,500-$4,999 ($107.80 fair market value)

All Trailblazer level benefits plus:
  • Invitations to exclusive travel opportunities
  • 10% Discount on any facility rental


$5,000-$9,999 ($447.80 fair market value)

All Pioneer level benefits plus:
  • Two Tickets to the annual Gala
  • 20% discount on any facility rental



All Parker Circle benefits plus:

  • Become a true Museum VIP and receive a customized Museum experience



All Bishop Circle benefits plus:

  • Special recognition


$25 Additional Named Cardholder

Allows an additional individual on the account and gives them access to the benefits. This is not a substitute for an additional membership and does not increase the total admissions per visit. This is a perfect addition for students, caregivers and grandparents. Cannot be combined with the Adventurer level. Included with Voyager level and higher. Limited to one additional card per household.

$25 Plus One Admission

Need just one additional admission but not ready to jump to the next level? Customize your Innovator level or above benefits to suit your admission needs. This is not an additional named member card, but a mid-level increase of your total number of admissions per visit.


In addition to your membership in the Discovery Society at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, you will enjoy reciprocal admission benefits to select museums and attractions as well as benefits from the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) Travel Passport Program, which offers admission to more than 600 museums and science centers worldwide outside a 90-mile radius of the The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature and/or your residence.

Pathfinder level and above members will receive Reciprocal benefits at 1,000+ North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association organizations nationwide. Members of the Discovery Society must show their benefits card for admission to participating ASTC & NARM organizations.

Voyager level and above have even more reciprocal options with the Smithsonian Affiliate Membership Program, which is like two memberships in one!  “Affiliate members” receive a national membership from the Smithsonian which includes a one-year subscription to the Smithsonian magazine.

$5 Replacement Card

This is a replacement of your benefits card only — not a replacement of lost Complimentary Guest passes or to be used as an additional benefits card. If you need a replacement card, please contact Laurie Voight at 941-216-3463 or

Give the Gift of Museum Access! 

Because sharing is caring! Give the gift of membership in the Discovery Society and be recognized for your contribution. Select the level that you would like to gift and fill out the form accordingly. You will get the recognition for the gift and the recipient will get to enjoy the Museum and the benefits of the Discovery Society all year long. Gifted memberships are good for one year till the end of the month from the original gift date.

If you would like the gift recipient’s membership to start upon their initial visit, please contact Laurie Voight at 941-216-3463 or  to purchase a printed gift certificate redeemable at the recipient’s initial visit.


Benefits are non-transferable (unless indicated as a gift upon initial sign up) and good for one year till the end of the month from the original gift date. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is a non-profit, tax-exempt entity. Benefits are subject to change at any time. To take advantage of promotions the cardholder must be within three months of membership expiration date.