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Blast Off With The Bishop on Astronomy Day

From the ABCs of Astronomy, to giving you the opportunity to learn how to begin exploring space from members of our local astronomy club, The Bishopis all about expanding your universe!

Fire up your computer and blast off with us this Saturday, May 2, when we celebrate Astronomy Day! Anyone can be an amateur astronomer — all you need to get started is your eyes, some outdoors, and a little knowledge.

  • Join us for one or all of these FREE online offerings.

ABCs of Astronomy: 10am

This beginner-friendly session introduces you to the stars, planets and other objects you can see from your backyard, and the tools that can help you. Your guides are The Bishop’s Planetarium Manager Howard Hochhalter and experts from our local astronomy club.

AHA! 1pm

You’ve heard of AMAs (Ask Me Anything)? We’re bringing you The Bishop’s unique spin on that with our AHA! — Ask Howard Anything! The sun, the relationship between mass and gravity, black holes  — bring your questions about these and more! (Be sure to ask him about dark matter — he loves talking about that!)

Tales Under the Tree 3pm

Gather the kiddos and click over to our Facebook page for a special Astronomy Day edition of Tales Under the Tree! If your little ones dream of becoming an astronaut, come along as Professor Astro Cat shows us the different ways we can reach space as we read “Professor Astro Cat’s Space Rockets,” by Dr. Dominic Walliman.

Live Star Talk 4pm

Sit back and relax at home while Planetarium Manager Howard Hochhalter and members of our local astronomy club give you a virtual tour of tonight’s sky, aided by photos of stars, planets and other objects that they’ve taken themselves.

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