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Check Out Our Brand New Tour App

The Museum is unveiling its brand-new app designed to connect visitors to the objects in its collection and the many stories they have to tell. Pathways — Compelling Connections for the Chronically Curious, is a smart-phone and tablet-based app that’s like having a Museum expert in your own pocket. The app is available for free in the Apple and Google Play stores. (Search for Pathways SFM.)

All guests have to do is download the app before their visit. Then, they use it to take fun and fascinating customized tours that show the unique and unexpected connections among some of the items in the Museum’s collections and exhibitions.

These interactive and interesting narratives go well beyond traditional museum text panels through the use of customized graphics, video and audio on a platform that will allow Museum staff to continuously develop new tours and quickly upload them for visitors.

“These apps give the Museum new ways to share information and stories while giving our guests new ways to explore the Museum’s collections and exhibitions,” said Jeff Rodgers, Museum Provost and COO. “They unleash us from the bounds of the traditional museum, allowing us to continually explore the multitude of ideas inherent in the objects that make the South Florida Museum unique. With Pathways, the Museum becomes more dynamic — with new, insightful and ever-changing experiences for all of our guests.”

The first three tours are tailored to some of the most popular objects in the Museum:

  • Museum Celebrities — which highlights some of our most popular objects, including our Manatee Rehabilitation Aquarium, Priscilla the Mastodon, FeNi the meteorite and the Tallant Gallery.
  • Cousins or Coincidence? — allows guests to explore the similarities between today’s manatees and their long-distant relative, the mastodon.
  • Adventure of a Water Droplet — is the perfect tour for families and includes kid-targeted information as well as more adult-oriented themes. The tour focuses on how a single water droplet moves through the water cycle, with fascinating stops along the way.

“Right now, the Museum and Bradenton itself are undergoing a huge transformation — with all the new things coming to downtown and our own expansion that will enhance our region’s cultural landscape and the community’s ability to explore the world around us,” said Museum CEO Brynne Anne Besio. “Unveiling Pathways is a milestone in our transformation and we hope people will take this opportunity to see all the changes taking place here before the kids head back to school.”